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Christina Bhattacharya

Freelance Writer and Blogger

Christina Bhattacharya is a California-based freelance medical writer specializing in healthcare, insurance, Medicare, seniors, wellness, fitness, and innovation.

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Senior Fitness: Getting Mom More Active

As we age, maintaining an active lifestyle is critical to our health and fitness. Fitness is crucial for staying independent and active, and it can even help lower the risk of many health conditions like stroke, heart attack, arthritis and even depression.

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Why does Botox help migraines?

Promising treatments like Botox, which was approved by the FDA to treat chronic migraines in 2010, are emerging victorious. But why does Botox help migraines?

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Living with Alzheimer's: 5 healthy habits for seniors

Caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s disease can be rewarding and challenging. Alzheimer’s, an irreversible disease that the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America says affects 5.1 million Americans, causes difficulty with memory, thinking, judgment and self-care.

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Summer is a time many of us associate with fun, vacations and basking in the sunshine, but it’s also an excellent time to advance your business

Older Americans Month 2014: “Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow.”

May is Older Americans Month. Each year, the Administration on Aging (AoA) issues a unique theme for the month of May focusing on seniors. This national yearly tribute acknowledges the contributions seniors have made to our country and provides them with empowering support.

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention: The Must-Know Facts

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition that affects unborn children due to alcohol passing directly from the mother's bloodstream to the fetus through the placenta.

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Seasonal allergies in children: How to spot them and what to do

Here’s an overview of common seasonal allergies in children, the symptoms and treatment options.

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When to see an orthopedist: Finding relief | Reid Health

There are many options available to help manage arthritis and avoid worsening problems. But do you know when to see an orthopedist?

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What does a midwife do?| Reid Health

Recently, midwives have become more popular among women preferring a natural, holistic approach to their prenatal care. But what does a midwife do?

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Strong bones: How to prevent osteoporosis | Reid Health

The earlier you address bone health the better your chances of delaying or avoiding osteoporosis. Here are a few facts and tips on how to prevent osteoporosis.

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On Common Ground: Understanding Flat Feet and Pronation | Dignity Health

The stress of carrying us around every day can put our feet at risk of injury -- especially if you have flat feet, high arches, or abnormal pronation.

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Signs of overtraining and overuse injuries in young athletes

Parents can encourage a safe athletic experience by watching for signs of overtraining during play.

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Medication Dispenser

A medication dispenser service can benefit you as a caregiver by reminding your senior loved one to dispense their medications at pre-scheduled times, giving you peace of mind. Here are four reasons why.

Helping Your Loved One Through the Stroke Recovery Process

Stroke recovery can be a challenging process for both of you, but with the right attitude and assistance, it's very possible to have a fulfilling life after a stroke.

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Do You Have a Safe Home? 5 Potential Problem Areas

The following safe home checklist, which includes issues ranging from electrical safety to air quality, will help you ensure that your living space is a safe, welcoming environment for all its residents.